Welcome to the BEECHCRAFT DUKE NET. This page is dedicated to DUKE lovers all over the world who own, operate and love this fantastic piece of engineering. I operate a DUKE in Germany for three years and have come across a lot of costly maintenance from putting in remanufactured engines to rebuilding the de-ice system from scratch etc. .

There is a lot of money involved in keeping up this true personal airliner, sometimes I think it is worth it sometimes I curse the damn thing and wish I had never started. On the whole I enjoy every second in it.

My DUKE  Reg.: D-ICKY S/N P-342

On the following pages you will find some valuable information that might make life easier when you own a DUKE or plan to buy one. Some things are veeeerrrrrryyyy expensive, but they don`t have to be. Find out how to keep your expenses in budget.

Some of these pages are currently under construction and will be up soon. But as you can see it is getting better !

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