Finally something useful : a second cabinet

The DUKE`S capacity to store all those things needed in flight like Jeppesen binders, checklist, a E6B calculator is very limited as you know. Specially those things needed by the pilot are always in the way. The bags in the seatbacks are worn out and you still don`t know where to put things. I have found a solution to relief the problem. A second cabinet for the right side behind the co-pilot`s seat. And the best thing is : you can have it too ! I have found a very talented professional who is building them for me. Every single piece is hand-made to top quality "Made-In-Germany" standards. All are made from solid wood and are an exact match to the "good" series of refreshment cabinets, Beechcraft made for the left side. "Good" series means that Beechcraft made one series of cabinets with ROUND edges instead of the cheap versions with square edges. To get the round shape is the real problem and that makes things expensive. But believe me : it is worth it !

Have a look

The cabinet fits behind the co-pilot`s seat. It can`t be as deep as the refreshment center because of the emergency extension of the landing gear. It is constructed in a way that it does not interfere with that handle. Have a closer look here

For better evaluation I have taken it out

Look at the right picture here

The lower open space was made to accommodate two JEPPESEN binder, the upper open space is for checklists, charts, kneeboard and one other JEPPESEN binder. All is within pilot`s reach.

The right side of the cabinet features three drawers with ample space for whatever you want to put inside.

Look at the picture here

I have put in the upper drawer some cups since I always have to have coffee on board. No coffee, no flight. Basta !

Have a closer look here

Cabinet with only the lower drawer open here. ( I keep my sweets there)

Another view with drawers open

Views from all sides. Please note the rounded edges and the good work quality

ohh ! ahh !

and the backsidehmmmm !

Now let`s talk business : if you want to have one just like mine, the first thing is contact me . The cabinet will throw you back US $ 2.400,-- plus US $ 150,-- for worldwide shipping. Sorry folks this will be due on time of order.You can send me a check. Since I am not in the wood business, this is an offer on self-cost basis.

From the time the money has arrived until your DUKE is nicely fitted with that lovely gadget about 8-10 weeks will pass. Remember : they are all hand-made to order !

Since they are hand-made you could say I don`t like the set-up, I want more drawers or less, I want it in blue or pink or whatever. No big problem as long as the outer shape is not changed. Best is you make a little drawing and send it to me via e-mail. I will tell you then if that is possible and how much it will cost.

We can make the original refreshment cabinet for the left hand side as well, with thermos bottle, ice drawer and all (we will not make the one`s with the mapco unit since this is real nonsense. By the time the water in these things is heated up you are there).The refreshment centers will be an exact match to the BEECHCRAFT "good" ones (rounded edges) and would have the same finish as the r/h cabinet. I am sure they are a bit more expensive. When the question comes up, I will find out a price.

Now, show theses pictures to your wife and she will have a nice xmas present for you, right !

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last updated : 04.08.06