Camshafts and Hydraulic Lifters on Lycoming TIO 541 Engines

Now listen up everybody : coming from a very reliable source LYCOMING has admitted a flaw in the manufacturing process of CAMSHAFTS. Problems can occur in camshafts that are as old as 15 years !! The problem is inherent in all camshafts till this very day and occurs in overhauled and remanufactured engines alike. So be warned : if you detect ANY problems concernig hydraulic lifters and camshafts it might not be due to normal wear or mistreatment of the engine, it might be something LYCOMING has to warrant for !

Lycoming is aware of the problem and will decide what to do on Feb. 13th.

I keep you informed as soon as I know more. Serious problems for all of us and for Lycoming may be coming up. For specific questions please ask me directly. Please also tell me if you have camshaft or lifter related problems.