You want to fly a DUKE right away ?

No problem. All you need is a MS Flight Simulator 98 !!!

There are very clever people on the net who can construct things like that and make them fly just like the real thing. So if you want to fly an DUKE almost in real life you can download a real nice one here. All you have to do is follow the links below, unzip the files (I hope you know how that works), read the installation instructions provided and off you go. For me it is much too complicated to put everything on my pages. So please follow the link to the creators of this marvellous DUKE : Michel Verlin, Sam Chin and Dennis Wasnich who I want to thank very much for their great work they have done. I am sure they will both will go on working on the DUKE because they love it as much as I do. Thanks Michael, Sam and Dennis


Sorry. the website is no longer available and I don`t know if or where it has gone to.


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